mandelic acid

mandelic acid
\\manˈdelik-, -dēlik-\ noun
Etymology: part translation of German mandelsäure, from mandel almond (from Medieval Latin mandala, alteration of Late Latin amandula) + säure acid — more at almond
: a crystalline hydroxy acid C6H5CH(OH)COOH that is known in three optically different isomeric forms, that is obtainable in the levorotatory d-form from amygdalin by hydrolysis but is usually made in the racemic form by reaction of benzaldehyde with hydrocyanic acid and then hydrochloric acid, and that is used chiefly in the form of its salts as a bacteriostatic agent for genitourinary tract infections; phenyl-glycolic acid

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/man del"ik, -dee"lik/, Chem.
any of three stereoisomeric acids having the formula C8H8O3, esp. dl-mandelic acid, a white, crystalline, slightly water-soluble solid obtainable from amygdalin: used chiefly in medicine as an antiseptic. Also called amygdalic acid.
[1835-45; < G Mandel ALMOND + -IC]

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